Kate Walker I am participating in Gorilla Trek with the charity East African Playgrounds and my aim is to raise £2000 in order to contribute to the construction of a playground in rural Uganda for less fortunate individuals.

During my 3 week trip I will be trekking in order to find the last remaining Silverback Mountain Gorilla's and also living and working within the local community in order to construct a playground for the children.

By building a playground it provides a resource to the less fortunate and has been shown to help children in a variety of elements in their life and enables them to socialise and play with friends in a safe location.

By donating to this cause you will be supporting me in giving this gift to those who deserve it. Every donation helps contribute to a better life for the children. Thank you!

A breakdown of where the costs go can be found at https://www.eastafricanplaygrounds.org/gorilla-trek-details Kate Walker