Karis Barrasford In July 2018, I will be travelling to Uganda with Kent RaG to volunteer in a school and help build playgrounds for the children in current and future generations who need and deserve somewhere fun to play.

I will also be trekking through the rainforests to try and see some of the last remaining wild silverback gorillas where I will find out and contribute to the conservation effort of this critically endangered species.

I am doing this with the charity East African Playgrounds, an NGO who provide play programs in disadvantaged communities across Uganda, where many children lack play facilities and the benefits of play.

This is the final stretch and I am still focused on trying to fundraise a total of £2000 to get me to Uganda to help these deserving children and gorillas - so please please please, any donations, no matter how big or small, would be greatly appreciated✨ thank you! Karis Barrasford