Joseph Prouse From the 30th of August I will be travelling to Uganda for 3-4 weeks to build a playground for schoolchildren, in addition to maintaining one that was previously built by volunteers for East African Playground; I believe this to be very important as play is an integral part of any child's development, benefiting their emotional, social, physical and cognitive skills whilst also giving them a place to relax.

Of the £2,000 I will raise:
£300 will go to the Ugandan Wildlife Authority - to help the preservation of the local wildlife, including the Silverback Gorillas which I will be trekking to see.
£600 will go on project costs of food, accommodation and travel.
£1,100 will go direct to East African Playgrounds to fund more of their fantastic work.

Any donations, small or large will be greatly appreciated and will go towards a great cause.
Thank you Joseph Prouse