Jorja Holmes Play has an incredible benefit on a child's development and I believe every child should have a safe place to do so; unfortunately Ugandan children aren't as fortunate as many of us and miss out on the simplest of opportunities we are so used to.

That is why I have signed up alongside the well-known charity East African Playgrounds, to give Ugandan children back the opportunity to learn and interact through play, while developing on their physical, social and cognitive skills.

From July to August 2018 I will be working in Uganda with EAP volunteers from around the UK and local tradesmen to build a beautiful, new, colourful and well deserved playground for primary school children.

EAP have been working for years to help build playgrounds all over Uganda, including refugee camps, helping some of the worlds most disadvantaged children.

I'm asking for your help to make this dream a reality by trying to raise £800 to ensure I can make a difference in these children's lives.

Some examples of what your donations will help contribute towards are:
£10 - builds a toy giraffe for a community of children

£15 - builds a motorbike out of tires, allowing children to engage their creativity in roleplay scenarios

£20 - funds safety equipment for young adults as they begin their employment with EAP (as EAP employ local adults on apprenticeship schemes to help with the playground development)

£50 - builds a table with space for board games

So please help fund this amazing adventure I will be starting in July 2018! I am so excited for this challenge and every opportunity it creates for not only myself, but the lives of the children we will work so hard to improve.

#PoundsForPlaygrounds #PlayEveryDay

"Alone we can do so little; together we can so do much" - Helen Keller. Jorja Holmes