Jordan Daines Help me make a difference whilst i volunteer in Uganda, building a beautifully diverse playground for a local community and take on the 'Gorilla Trek' to help the conservation of the last remaining Silverback Gorillas in the wild! I aim to be in Uganda for 3 weeks; 2 of which will be spent 6am – 6pm
daily designing and building a playground from scratch with 5 days spent trekking across difficult terrain such as mountains, lakes and rainforest in aid of Gorilla conservation.

The aspect of play is imperative to a childs’ development. Not only does the beauty of play encourage freedom of expression, creativity and bring happiness; it also aids cognitive and motor skills, problem solving, social interactions and emotional management. Schools with playgrounds have noticed considerable differences in a childs' attentive skills during lessons as well as producing individuals with higher grades; leading to higher employability rates within the community. Due to the current teaching system, learning is approached as ‘one size fits all’ meaning on an individual basis, children have no creative outlet to learn in their own unique ways. By bringing the freedom of play we can help change each childs’ life in hugely rewarding way not to mention creating days filled with smiles and laughter!
In addition to the playground project, part of the money raised will go directly to Gorilla Conservation of the last remaining Silverback population. These beautiful giants are critically endangered as the protection of their habitat and way of life face continuous threats. By donating not only are you bringing a different way of life to the Ugandan school children, but helping preserve the way of life for the Gorillas.
Examples of what your donations can help with:
£10 – Builds a toy giraffe for children to play and engage with
£15 – Builds a motorbike out of tyres allowing kids to engage in their creative roleplay scenarios
£20 – Funds safety equipment for a disadvantaged young adult helping them to remain safe as they start their rewarding and life changing employment with East African Playgrounds
£50 – Builds a table with space for board games such as checkers or snakes and ladders!
Breakdown of Costs:
£1,100 – East African Playgrounds to help with materials and funding for their amazing cause!
£300 – Ugandan Wildlife Authority to help Gorilla Conservation efforts
£600 – Cover project costs such as food, accommodation, internal travel nearly all of which will go to the non-profit trekking company we use which put money back into the communities we travel through
Anything raised over this amount will help me cover personal costs such as vaccinations, visa and flights!
Last but not least, thank you to all and everyone who donates as you help bring me one step closer to making a difference to a communities way of life! Love and blessings. Jordan Daines