Jemma Davies

In August 2018 I’ve got a once in a lifetime opportunity to help children who I’ve not yet met have a more fulfilling life as part of an initiative run by East African Playgrounds (EAP), an organization that’s been creating playgrounds and changing children’s lives since 2009.

To us, the idea of play is taken for granted, however in Africa a large percentage of the children don’t know how to play, let alone have the necessary equipment to do so. The charity transforms empty spaces next to schools into exciting, colourful and safe areas for children to learn and play. 74% of children said they want to come to school because of the playground and 96% of community members saw a positive change in the community, illustrating the huge impact play and playgrounds have on not only the children but on the wider community.

Various long-term studies have shown how important play is for the development of children and their long-term outcomes, especially those living in poverty. Play has been shown to be beneficial for everything from social skills, cognitive abilities and problem solving, to fine motor skills, concentration, communication, imagination, and self-control. It’s been shown that adding play to a child’s life can lead to significantly raised IQs, greater achievement at school and higher rates of employment.

Our key task when visiting Uganda is to create a new playground, as well as regenerating a playground that had been installed by previous volunteers some years ago. Providing this space is one element, however working with the children and staff in the local area and developing games and activities to fully utilise this space is the aspect I’m most looking forward to.

As I am funding my own flight, Visa and vaccination costs, your donations, no matter how small, will directly benefit the people and places that matter;
£15 - Builds a motorbike out of tyres for the playground enabling children to enact role-play sessions
£20 - Funds safety equipment for disadvantaged young adults, allowing them to be safe as they begin their work with East African Playgrounds (EAP)
£25 - Provides a small herd of toy animals for the children to play on
£100 - Funds a one-month educational play programme
£250 - Provides the children with the best climbing frame that they (or you) have ever seen

Jemma Davies