Jasmine Harris For 3 weeks in the summer of 2018, I will be trekking through Uganda, helping to build and restore safe playgrounds for children. The United Nations have listed play as a human right for all children, and this opportunity will be able to give them this chance to do something we take for granted. Something as simple as a playground can help improve a child's life as well as will help them cultivate their creativity and develop physical and social skills, problem solving abilities, and much more!
I will also be trekking to see the critically endangered Silverback Gorillas, and a portion of the money fundraised for the permit to see them will go towards conservation efforts and pays the wages of guides and guards protecting them.
This trip will give me the chance to help a community directly, and give these children the childhood they deserve. All donations towards this cause will really be greatly appreciated, even the smallest help can make a huge difference. Thanks! Jasmine Harris