Jana Latzberg I am excited to say that I have taken on the challenging task of raising £2,000 for the amazing charity East African Playgrounds.
They give children a place where they can play with their friends, have fun, and develop important physical, social, and cognitive skills. If you donate here, the money won't just go to the playground I'm building, but playgrounds all over Uganda - including refugee camps- helping to empower some of the world's most disadvantaged children.

Out of the £2,000 pounds I raise:

£300 will go to the Ugandan Wildlife Authority to help the conservation efforts of the gorillas I will be venturing to see in the wild.

£600 will mostly go to a non-profit trek company (Home of Edirisa) that organize the journey through Uganda and also support the communities we trek through.

£1,100 will go directly to East African Playgrounds to fund their inspiring work.

I will be spending three weeks in Uganda, trekking in every kind of terrain from mountains to jungles before volunteering to build a playground, whilst also helping out at a school to engage with the children in fun and creative activities.

Please donate any amount you can, and help improve a child's life. Thank you. Jana Latzberg