Sean Demetre Hi all,

I've signed up to the Gorilla Trek with the charity, East African Playgrounds to raise £2,500 to help bring the gift of play to the children of Uganda. The trip consists of me going to Uganda for 3-4 weeks in the summer of 2019 to work along side helpers to construct a playground for local school. During the 3 weeks I will also be trekking to find the last of the remaining silver back gorillas.

As part of my fundraising I am setting smaller targets in which I will complete tasks once reached. I have a few ideas at the moment but would love for you all to suggest more in the comments of your donation. Here are the current targets:

-Ice bath -£250
-Bleach hair - £500
-Dye hair pink-£750
-Dye hair blue-£1500
-Shave an eyebrow-£2000
-Secret Finale TBC-£2500

*Extra goal- every single £20 or more donation= 1 wax strip.
The name of every donator will be written down on a board and displayed at the finished playground to say a huge thankyou.

A playground is a classroom in disguise, children don't know they are learning, they don't feel like they are learning, but really they are taking in the whole world whilst playing with their friends.
I want to give this gift to the children of Uganda, can you please help by donating towards my fundraising. Any extra donations past the goal will help my get to Uganda in the summer and donations after that will go directly to East African playgrounds to continue the excellent work they do.
A breakdown of where the costs go can be found at
Money raised over £2,000 will be going towards my flights, allowing me to travel to Uganda to volunteer.

Thankyou all for taking your time to read and donate to this page,
Sean Demetre