Unverified User I am fundraising £2,000 for East African Playgrounds to help some of the worlds most disadvantaged children in a rural community in Uganda by building them a playground and inspiring them to learn and develop themselves in the classroom so that they can have a happy childhood which develops their skills needed for adulthood. Every child deserves the right to play, learn and the opportunity to follow their passions. This project helps the whole community and money is used to help older children to get apprenticeships and find work.
I'm really excited to help people who need such support and am excited for the challenge of fundraising, it's a great opportunity for me to develop some valuable skills I can take with me for my future career.
Seeing the last mountain gorillas will be a great privilege for me as I am studying ecology and wildlife conservation at Bournemouth. Our activities also help conserve these majestic animals as the local community have less need to destroy their habitat or poach them and raises awareness of how endangered gorillas are. Unverified User