Vanda Vilarigues

In all honesty I don't have much of a story to share but here it is anyway.

I'm a Portuguese immigrant who moved to England with her family for improved economic and educational opportunities.

Now I'm at University doing a geography course. Geography is what opened my eyes to the happenings of our world and made me realise how much could be improved. I didn't initially know how to go about changing things, especially since I was only one individual, but soon came to realise that volunteering and supporting charities was something I wanted to be a part off.

Next came deciding which charities. This was hard because there are many out there; all with important causes.

Ultimately I made my choice because I talked to a friend who volunteers for East African Playgrounds already and seeing him share his stories of the children he'd met in Uganda, and the construction that he got to take part in as well, made me want to be a part of it all too. So... Here I am.

Vanda Vilarigues