Abigail Williams Play provides: learning, wellbeing and a healthy brain development in children.

Play has been shown to aid in raised IQ's, greater achievement at school and even higher rather of employment and wages in adulthood.

Yet in many communities across East Africa, adults (even teatchers) view play as 'a waste of time' with little understanding of the importance it provides. Children instead spend time out of school, looking for work or helping with chores at home.

I want to raise enough money to help EAP carry on providing playgrounds across East Africa as well as; training sessions (with teatchers) to run along side building the playgrounds to utilise play in education, apprenticeship schemes for local people to learn benificial skills such as welding, pre-fabrication and other practical transferable skills whilst helping to build the playgrounds- to help them with employment.

Upon learning how wide spread the program is in helping whole communities not just as a one off but as a feedback loop system, whilst being ethical and economical, it made me want to participate in helping provide play. Something I as a child took for granted.

Please help me help others by donating anything you can spare.

*** Nothing is to small, it all adds up to reaching my target goal and gifting something priceless to EAP.

Just a few examples of the impact already given to EastAfrica:

• 74% of children said they wanted to come to school because of the playgrounds

•improvement in social skills, physical skills, teaching practices, emotional well-being.

• Levels of employment

Thank you for taking your time to read my page. :)

Abigail Williams