Chloe Rowe Thank you to everyone who donated & entered our long weekend away prize, we had over 900 entries! Congratulations to Beccy J who won!
This summer I have signed up to join a team of people to go to Uganda. This consists of trekking through all sorts of the environments that Uganda has to offer. I will then be assisting in building a playground from scratch for the children of a local school.

The £2000 I am aiming to raise breaks down as follows:
£300 goes to Uganda Wildlife Authority to help the conservation of Gorilla wildlife.
£600 will go on general project costs e.g food, accommodation. Most of this is sought via a local company that supports the communities we are visiting.
£1100 goes to East African Playgrounds to further fund and support this charity for the years to come.
The remaining money I raise is to support the funds needed for my flights to get to and from Uganda.
Any extra money raised on top of this shall be donated back to East African Playgrounds. Chloe Rowe