cassandra wilkinson

This project is very close to my heart, I worked on a project in North Somerset building play spaces for local children in areas which previously had none, or none that were usable. We worked closely with the communities and children to create something which would allow them a place to play, to socialise, to make the space usable by all. I believe strongly in the importance in play and how having a safe enriching environment to play and express yourself as a child can make such a huge difference. Unfortunately funding for my project here in the UK was cut and so many of these play spaces could not be built. This was gutting for me as I'd been so closely involved with the children who were so excited. Again I have the opportunity of creating a play space, but in Uganda. This time I will get to see it through to completion, and see the benefits, and celebrate with the local community. The people and children of Uganda will benefit from my help and your donations, not just now, but continually and your donation not only contributes to one playground but to the whole project across Uganda, helping shape the future of communities out there.

I am not expecting you to dig into your pockets without first showing my dedication to this and challenging myself further. I will be taking part in many personal challenges, and creating fundraising events, I am open to ideas also.

First Challenge is.... Sober October.

I will not touch one single drop of alcohol for a whole month through October, not at nights out, not for even a cheeky one, and not for the Zombie walk! All sober. a starting point to my fundraising mission, please donate to this page and share.

Up next, I will be completing a sponsored silence, running 10k (in fancy dress of your choice), running a pub quiz, having a cake sale and much more, details and dates to be confirmed, but watch this space!

cassandra wilkinson