Ben Smith I've signed up with the charity East African Playgrounds, who build a staggering 80 playgrounds a year for remote schools all across East Africa. Their work is so important as it allows thousands of children leading challenging lives to relax, socialise with their friends and just be their age. Having a space like a playground will give them essential social skills and really help their personal development.

£2,000 may sound like a lot to raise in one year, but with your help we can make such a difference to the lives of children all over East Africa.

Here is how your donation will be spent.

• £300 will go directly to the Ugandan Wildlife Authority to help the conservation of the magnificent, but sadly endangered, Silverback Gorillas.
• £600 will go towards the project costs, including food, accommodation and travel costs within Uganda throughout the 20 day trip. However, the majority of this sum will go to the non-profit trek company, the Home of Edirisa, who support the communities we will encounter whilst on the trek.
• £1,100 will go directly to East African Playgrounds to fund their incredible work across Uganda.

- The cost of my flights to and from Uganda and all other personal expenses will be entirely funded by myself and are not part of the £2,000 fundraising target.

Just £15 will fund the construction of a toy motorbike, known as a Boda Boda in Lugandan, in one of these playgrounds. Of course, to the schoolchildren playing on it for hours on end, such a toy would be absolutely priceless!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, I can't wait to get started! Ben Smith