Sophie Harthen Hello!

My name is Sophie and I'm planning to go to Uganda for 3 weeks, to observe silverback gorillas in their natural habitat and to assist with building a playground which will benefit the children, school and surrounding community.

I will be trekking through uncut forests to see these gentle giants, and visiting the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park help protect the gorillas in the wild. Bwindi helps approximately 320 gorilla; that's half of the worlds population. I will be meeting local trades people who have been providing items like herbs, coffee and bracelets.

I will also be helping to build a playground for a school, to help the children develop cognitive, creative, and social skills. We shall be helping local welders and builders to construct the playground that will benefit the school and the community.

As well as supporting and helping make a significant change to people's lives I will be experiencing different cultures, people and activities; activities like Quad Biking, Horse riding along the Nile, and going on a Safari trip. I am excited to make a difference and to develop personally from this experience.

Thank you so much for supporting my journey! Sophie Harthen