Ciara Ellis Through Newcastle University, I have been given the amazing opportunity to volunteer in Uganda in the Summer of 2019, wherein I will be part of a team building a playground for a rural school. Playgrounds and play are integral for child development; research has shown significant links between playgrounds and motor-skills, social skills and brain development. By undertaking this project I will be helping with student development for years to come, which will positively impact their future lives.

In addition to this, I will be trekking to the Gorilla Sanctuary in South-West Uganda, where conservation for the critically endangered Silver Back Gorillas takes place. By trekking and staying at this sanctuary I will be directly contributing to the conservation of these gentle-giants - proceeds are funnelled into maintaining the project and protection programmes.

A playground is a classroom in disguise. Any donations to my volunteering trip would be greatly appreciated. I will be fundraising throughout the year preceding the trip in order to reach my goal of £2000, which includes all expedition costs. In addition to this I will be fundraising for the cost of my flights, meaning any funds raised over my £2000 target can be reimbursed to me from East African Playgrounds in order to pay for these. Any money raised above the costs of my flights will be donated to East African Playgrounds in support of their continued contributions to overseas development.

A breakdown of where the costs go can be found at .

Thank you for your support, and please look out for fundraising events throughout the year! Ciara Ellis