Francesca  Bourne In June 2018, I will be travelling to Uganda to help build a playground in a local community, work with the children there and explore the vast beauty of the country.

Half of the money raised will go towards the charity 'East African Playgrounds' and will help them change countless lives within many communities. Building the playgrounds encourages more children to attend school and get the education they deserve. We will also be aiding in 'creative play' sessions with the children within the school to aid their learning.

As well as this amazing opportunity to work within and change a community, we will also be spending time travelling through the beautiful country. Trekking through the rainforest and across mountains to see the last remaining wild silverback gorillas,(money raised will also be going towards conservation of the habitat where these endangered animals live, and educating local inhabitants to the gorillas' importance and survival.).
I will be funding my own flights and vaccinations (ouch), as well as the equipment that I will be needing.

These 3 weeks will likely be the most memorable of my life, and I would really love it if you could help me on my journey xxxx Francesca Bourne