Lucie Smith In June 2018, I will be travelling to Uganda to work with East African Playgrounds for a month. We will be building a playground from scratch for them as well as assisting with their learning by developing a creative play programme.
For young children, play is an integral aspect to their brain development, learning and wellbeing which helps them grow into adults with good social skills, creativity and cognitive functioning. In East Africa, there are often no facilities for play, nor do they have the opportunity as they often have to do chores in the home or look for work to support their family. Our work will provide the children with a safe environment in order to develop such necessary skills that they may not have the opportunity to do otherwise.
100% of the money that I fundraise will be going towards the building of the playground which they will continue to play on for many years to come. Any contribution, large or small, will be vital to supporting the work of our project. Thank you!
Lucie Smith