Ali Polatay Hello, This summer in August I will be going to Uganda, as a part of Uganda Volunteer Project with the charity East African Playgrounds in order to help bring the gift of play to the children of Uganda.

A playground is a classroom in disguise, children don't know they are learning, they don't feel like they are learning, but really they are taking in the whole world whilst playing with their friends. Playfulness is a natural way of a kid experiencing the world, like a puppy or a kitten. A playground has an impact beyond your imagination. By giving children a space to call their own, they have a space to feel safe, to explore and make sense of the world. For those children who have suffered trauma it is a place for them to make sense of their feelings, build new relationship and restart their lives again.

A playground can have a significant impact on a school, increase attendance, attainment and making children feel more settled within the school setting.

I will be going to Uganda to live and work voluntarily within a local primary school to help build a playground for the kids who do not have access to the same privileges that we do. In two weeks we will build an entire playground from scratch, engage with the kids, and help the local community.

'What a difference your donation makes':

£5.11 gives one child their childhood back through access to a safe, fun and child-focused playground

£21.83 educates a teacher on the importance of including play in education and creates a peer network for them to share their leaning in.

£73.80 equips a former street child with everything they need to learn the basics of welding, from their own set of work boots through to to ear defenders and glasses

£131 teaches a community of care-givers and educators about the importance of play at home and school, as well as how to maintain playground

£197.61 trains a former street child for a month, helping them to become a qualified builder or welder through our apprenticeship program.

Please donate and let me share the a gift that many don't think about and take it for granted.

You can find out more about East African Playgrounds at:

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All the money fund-raised will go directly to the charity Ali Polatay