Zoe Boyer I’m a first year undergraduate student at the University of Northampton studying Criminology. I first came across this charity at a societies fair during my first week at the University. This is where I learnt all about what the charity do for children and how I could help, straight away I signed up and my journey began. I would love you to support me on my journey to volunteer in Uganda, where I will be living for 4 weeks. Whilst in Uganda I will be building a playground that the children in the community will be able to play in, as well as being able to interact with other children on a daily basis. I am so excited to meet the children in Uganda to make a positive impact on their lives and provide them with a place they can treasure through their childhood. Any donation to the charity, however big or small, will be greatly appreciated, as it all goes to helping build a safe and exciting environment for children in Uganda to play. Zoe Boyer