tia shawyer I've signed up to the Uganda Volunteer Project with the charity East African Playgrounds to raise £1000 to provide the gift of play to the children of Uganda.

Play has an incredible benefit on a child's development and I strongly believe every child should have the opportunity to engage in the world of play. Play has the ability to build social, emotional and cognitive skills, whilst also giving children a safe space where they are able to make sense of the world and express freedom of thought.

East African Playgrounds build playgrounds across Uganda - including refugee camps - helping empower some of the worlds most disadvantaged children.

'What a difference your donation makes':
- £5.11 gives one child their childhood back through access to a safe, fun and child-focused playground.
- £21.83 educates a teacher on the importance of including play in education and creates a peer network for them to share their learning in.
- £73.80 equips a former street child with everything they need to learn the basics of welding, from their own set of welding boots to through to ear defenders and glasses.
- £131 teaches a community of care-givers and educators about the importance of play at home and school, as well as to maintain their playground.
- £197.61 trains a former street child for a month, helping them to become a qualified builder or welder through the East African Playgrounds apprenticeship scheme.

This summer I will be joining a team of paid Ugandan professionals and volunteers to help build a playground for a Ugandan school. I am currently in my third year, studying Special Educational Needs and Inclusion and have been a playworker for 6 years. Inclusive play is something I am extremely passionate about, and I am so excited to be making this difference to children's lives. Every child has the right to play!

Please help me reach my fund-raising target by giving whatever you can - any donation makes a huge difference. Thank you very much!!

tia shawyer