Sophie Jones Hi guys, I'm Sophie and I am currently a student at Cardiff University. As you may know I will be volunteering in Uganda for a month in August (2018) helping build a playground for children to transform a school as well as teaching the local children sports and art. Uganda is currently experiencing huge levels of youth unemployment and as such it is fundamental that the children are offered skills to use for their own personal development. You may know that I am a passionate advocate for the environment so this trip is the perfect opportunity for me to broaden my outlook on the world. I believe that by going to Uganda I am deciding the type of world I want to be a part of, one that is sustainable and inclusive. EastAfrican playgrounds are offering this once-in-a-lifetime ethical volunteering project so I would greatly appreciate it if you could sponsor me. By doing so you would be helping me on my journey to get one step closer to hugely benefiting this local community and allowing me to take part in something I have always dreamed of doing. Thankyou! Sophie Jones