Rowan Coppinger Hi guys, my name is Rowan. I am 20 years old currently living in Cardiff working a part time job. As well as a part time job I am looking to do some volunteering in the mental health sector or with the homeless community until the next academic year where I will start my psychology degree at Nottingham Trent University.

Volunteering locally is really important, however I have felt to really challenge myself I would have to travel. Hearing of my friends volunteering experiences abroad made me realise that this is something I really needed to do for the experience as well as the rewarding aspect of it . From reading the description of the organisation on the website I came to admire the reasoning behind Tom Gill and Carla Powell that inspired them in creating the organisation. They realised that there were issues that needed addressing in these parts of the world but also realised that there were not projects set up that made it affordable for people to get involved. This along with the projects close ties with universities prompted me to get involved as I saw them as a project I could really trust to have its volunteers best interests at heart.

Something about being a child is very special. I feel that play is important in anyones upbringing and I think anyone who looks back on their childhood will always remember the times of playing as being the best. In countries such as Uganda children are often left with little facilities they can play on, this is where I believe East African Playgrounds can step in by providing facilities to those less fortunate than ourselves. I hope with my help and the other volunteers we can really change these peoples lives for the better.

Any kinds of donation will be extremely appreciated, however small or large. Rowan Coppinger