PoKai Peng Hello I am PoKai, one of the new volunteers and fundraisers in University of Birmingham. Whether you have known me for a long time or we just met, I have an exciting news to tell you, and that is that I will be taking part in the Gorilla Trek project in June 2018. The project itself is a three week event in Uganda where I will be building a playground for the kids in the community.

I believe that playing is one of the most important elements for children to grow happily and have a meaningful life. Being able to play unlocks so much more potential within a child than just sitting in a classroom. However, I understand that the harsh weather and the lack of resources in Uganda might lower the possibility for the kids to obtain this crucial element. That's why I want to help them construct a lovely playground and see them crack their smiles despite living in one of the most disadvantaged places in the world.

However, to reach this optimal objective, I need your help!
I have a fundraising target of £2000 before going to Uganda, and I believe that with this amount of money, more children could live a better life under improved conditions and fewer of them would grow up having had their childhood completely blank. Therefore, even your one small donation deserves a big thank from us!

This is what we could do with your donation:
£5: Making 10 stuffed puppet for the children
£10: Painting tires and building them up
£20: Engaging the kids in a fun group activity
£50: Building a slide and a seesaw for the children
£100: Two-day play-based teaching
£200: Building a tree house for the community

Please give me your slightest help, it would be greatly appreciated! I have also created an instagram account recording every step I take while taking part in this amazing one-year event. Follow me: fundraiserpokai PoKai Peng