Megan Newman Hi, my name is Megan and I will be volunteering with East African Playgrounds in Uganda over summer 2018! In many communities over eastern Africa there is an absence of facilites in schools due to poverty and lack of funding. EPA's aim is to create opportunities for children to develop their creativity and improve their cognitive, social and emotional skills via building playgrounds for the children to participate in educational play. EAP have been installing these playgrounds throughout schools in Eastern Africa since 2009 and I feel so grateful to be apart of this incredible cause and to be able help the children of Uganda and the many generations to come.

Over the next year I will be aiming to raise £2000. To do this I will be spending a week in Uganda trekking through the jungle, canoeing down the nile, climbing mountains and overall discovering and exploring the amazing habitats and scenery that Uganda has to offer. We will be delving into and learning about the local culture and walking amongst and helping to conserve the last remaining sliver back gorillas. After this we will arrive at an empty playing field and transform it into an exciting new playground and organising a new creative PLAY programme for the children of Uganda.

Some examples of what donations can fund:

£10 builds a toy giraffe for the children of a community to play with
£15 - Builds a motorbike out of tyres for the playground enabling children to enact role-play sessions
£25 could provide a small herd of animals for the children to play on
£100 could fund a one month educational play programme

from the money raised:

£300 will go straight to the Ugandan Wildlife Authority
£600 covers the cost of the trip
£1,100 goes straight to East African Playgrounds so they can keep doing there amazing work

Thank you so much for reading though my page and taking the time out of your day to be informed about this amazing charity. Any donation or even sharing this fundraising page with friends and family will be highly appreciated. I am so excited to be a part of this once in a life time opportunity and to help such an amazing cause. thank you so much! Megan Newman