Maja Karpowicz I have signed up to volunteer with the East African Playgrounds [EAP] charity in June 2018.
Set up by two students at the University of Leeds in 2009, the charity takes on volunteers to help build safe playgrounds for disadvantaged schools in rural Uganda.
It has been proven that play is an integral part of developing children's cognitive, emotional, physical, social and creative skills and has even shown to help refugee children deal with trauma, an area the charity contributes to in co-operation with UNICEF, with Uganda being the host of the fifth highest number of refugees in the world (UNHCR, 2017).
It has also been shown that play can lead to significantly increased IQs, greater achievement at school and even higher rates of employment and wages in adulthood. The 'right to play' is so important that the UN put it in its Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Not only does the charity do this, but they also train and employ young adults in the community in jobs such as welding, construction, cooking and more so that when there are no volunteers, work can still be carried out and benefit not just the children but the whole community.

Here are examples of where your donation goes:
£10- builds a toy giraffe for the children of the community to play with.
£15- builds a motorbike out of tyres so the children can get involved in creative role play.
£20- funds safety equipment for a disadvantaged young adult to help them be safe and begin employment with EAP.
£50- builds a table for a space for board games.

What happens to the £2000 raised?
£1,100- directly to EAP to fund their incredible work in Uganda.
£600- Project costs of food, accommodation and travel (non-profit trek company).
£300- Ugandan Wildlife Authority to protect the Gorillas I will be visiting.

When I think back to my childhood, I was endlessly playing and in Britain play is considered the norm for a child. However, in Uganda it is not seen as important, as children are given adult responsibilities and often start work from a young age. I am incredibly enthusiastic and in full support of this charity because without play during my childhood I know I would have been a very different person.

So, please donate anything you can, and help give children their childhoods.

Thank you,

Maja Karpowicz