Daniel Galloway Charity begins at home - it is now time to help hard-working Ugandan families give their children somewhere safe and stimulating to play, socialise and learn.

While we spend our summers sipping a nice cold beer or gin in a beer garden, children around the world have nowhere safe or fun to play; as if life isn't difficult enough. Why not have one or two less and help build something truly remarkable. East African Playgrounds work with local communities to build play and social areas for children in Uganda, often giving their parents some much needed respite (any of you with young children in the family know how troublesome they can be when there is "nothing to do", all parents deserve a break every now and again, at least). Yes, there has been some negative publicity around charities, but I will be working, grafting hard in 40+ degree heat most days (difficult especially for someone who loves comfort), working directly with the money donated. While you won't be funding my summer holidays, as 100% of any donations goes directly to the charity, and expenses are completely separate, you will be helping make many, many Ugandan children smile; while also enhancing their education.

Dig deep! The old cliche is correct, every penny counts. Be proud of your support of the cause and help us reach our target. Daniel Galloway