Keavy Wright Thank you for taking the time to visit my page. I have always been passionate about volunteering overseas to help those less fortunate than you and I, and after a visit from East African Playgrounds, I was inspired to take the step and make a difference. You may well be thinking: "Why are you going to build playgrounds?" Well, as children I imagine we all had a similar schooling experience with brightly coloured new equipment for everybody to enjoy which simply enabled us to be children and to forget about our worries; however, sadly this is not the case for the majority of Ugandan children who run outside of their classrooms to empty fields due to them being deprived of the United Nations right to play. Play is so important for a child's emotional, social and cognitive development but more importantly, it is a chance for them to be children which is something many of us take for granted. Not to forget, we are not only providing the children with play equipment, but also providing training to Ugandan locals which they can pursue into later construction careers. Please embark on this journey with me and let's provide Ugandan locals with employable skills and give these children their childhoods back. Keavy Wright