Katie Farrell I've signed up with the charity East African Playgrounds to raise £800 to give children their childhood through play. Play has an incredible benefit on a child's development; I believe every child should have this opportunity as it builds physical, social, emotional and cognitive skills,it is often referred to as a classroom in disguise. Having a playground in the school has also shown to have beneficial effects on attendance and attention in the classroom. Some of my happiest times as a child were going to the park to play on local playgrounds but these areas, safe spaces, are often few and far between in rural Uganda; this leaves children often playing in dangerous environments.

East African Playgrounds build playgrounds all over Uganda - including in refugee camps - helping to empower some of the world's most disadvantaged children.

Examples of what you can fund with a donation are...
£10 - builds a toy giraffe for the children of a community to play with
£15 - builds a motorbike out of tires, allowing kids to engage their creativity in role-play scenarios
£20 - funds safety equipment for a disadvantaged young adult, helping them to be safe as they start their meaningful employment with East African Playgrounds
£50 - builds a table with space for board games such as checkers or snakes and ladders!

This summer, I'll be joining a team of paid Ugandan professionals and other volunteers to help build a playground in Uganda. Please help me reach my fundraising target by giving whatever you can - any donation will mean a lot.

Thank you! Katie Farrell