Jessica Howells Hi Everyone, In June 2018 I will be adventuring to Uganda with an amazing charity known as East African Playgrounds. During my time in Uganda i will be helping build playgrounds for Ugandan children in poverty as well as trekking to see endangered silverback gorilla's. Please take a few minutes to read below about the amazing life changing work this charity does.

EAP builds safe, fun and exciting playgrounds for underprivileged children in Uganda. This is so so important for the learning, wellbeing and healthy brain developments of those children living in poverty. It gives Ugandan children the chance to be children and have the privilege to play like our children in the UK, which is taken for granted.
This charity also provides local young adults training and employment. These young adults are given the opportunity to become paid apprentices and learn specific skills like welding, pre-fabrication and playground installation, as well as other practical transferable skills. They are also provided with healthcare cover, breakfast and lunch, safety equipment and external training opportunities. Not only does this get them off the streets but is invaluable, vital work experience to help them find jobs in the future, weather that be with East African Playgrounds or elsewhere.
In addition to this, in partnership with UNICEF, the delivery of East African Playgrounds programme has expanded to major areas of refugees. Uganda holds the fifth highest number of refugees in the world. In South Sudan alone 63% of refugees are children. These children have been through so much trauma, loss and violence that these play areas are essential for these children to recover through play.

After reading what this incredible charity does, I have set myself the massive target goal of £3000 to fundraise (a lot of money I know). The money I will be fundraising goes to EAP, but it also contributes to Ugandan Wildlife Authority, a charity that work on conservation of Ugandan national parks and look after the endangered silverback gorillas that I will trek to see. In addition to this, a contribution goes to Home of Edirisa, a social enterprise that works on building up the communities and towns that I will trek through.

This is an amazing experience that I honestly cannot wait to take part in and is such an amazing charity to support. Please could you be kind enough to donate to this remarkable cause and help me be a part of changing the lives of so many in Uganda.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post and I hope you can be as generous as you are able to, this will help me achieve my goal. Jessica Howells