Scott Arthur Hi, I'm Scott, I'm 19 and I study Politics and International Relations at UEA. I was lucky to be born in England to a middle class family, to be able to go to my local schools and not have to worry about not getting an education. I was also lucky to be able to explore the great outdoors and play to my hearts content. I used to play whenever and wherever I could. I'm sure my parents could tell you of all the times me and my brother would be running around, or begging them to take us to the playground.

It's something I really took for granted. I used to walk through one park everyday on my way to school, and you never really think how many children (myself included) have got to enjoy it over the years its been there. How many children got to forget about the outside world and just have fun for an hour or so. It was a central part of my childhood. It shaped my love of the great outdoors, and my love of sports and exercise.

When East African Playgrounds came and talked to my lecture group in November of 2017 it really hit me that millions of children across the globe don't get to have these simple experiences that defined my childhood. They cant just go and play after school, they can't express themselves in the same way that I used to when I was a child.

And that's why I'm going to Uganda to help these children. I think that all children, regardless of where they live should be given the chance to have a happy childhood. They should be given the same chances and oppurtunities that I was given at a young age.

So please help support me and the team with whatever you can donate. Something so small can have such a massive impact. Scott Arthur