cassandra wilkinson We are nearly there guys! Thank you to each and every person who has donated to this great cause. East African Playgrounds are a charity working out in Uganda in communities and refugee settlements, raising money to help build playgrounds, employ local people, create apprenticship programmes and provide resources to support play. The importance of play in childhood is understood by all experts in child development. It helps promote development and support a healthy happy childhood. Without play, our own childhoods would have been very different.

So far we have raised a whopping £550! Well done to each and every one of you who've donated to the cause or given your time to help raise this money. So, what have we done so far:

Sober October
Sponsored Silence
1 month of veganism
UGANDANCE (drum and bass extravaganza)

Now, the work is not quite over, we have £250 to raise and not a lot of time to raise it in. I will be out and about, completing DARES 4 DONATIONS.

Please give generously! cassandra wilkinson