Alice Mosley Hello!

I've signed up to the Gorilla Trek with the charity East African Playgrounds to raise £2,000 to help bring the gift of play to the children of Uganda.

I will be trekking through the beautiful landscapes of Uganda to find the last remaining Silverback Mountain Gorillas (with my mother!) as well as living and working within a local community to build a playground for a school.

A playground is a classroom in disguise, children don't know they are learning, they don't feel like they are learning, but really they are taking in the whole world whilst playing with their friends. The right to play is on the UN's Convention on the Rights of a Child. It allows them to practice social skills, cognitive and fine motor skills, creativity, communication, problem solving and many others.

I want to give this gift to the children of Uganda, I was fortunate enough to grow up with safe areas to play, grow and thrive. Any pound you can spare will be hugely appreciated! This is a once in a lifetime trip which I am hugely excited and passionate about!

I've always wanted to do voluntary work but have been concerned about the quality of voluntary 'gap year trips', which have been shown to sometimes cause more damage to local communities than good. East African Playgrounds are the opposite - Alongside giving children the best start in life, they employ locals and run an apprenticeship scheme to give disadvantaged young adults better job opportunities.

I will be thanking each one of my supporters personally, and as an extra thank you:

£10 and I will send you a postcard from Uganda!

£20 and I will have your name printed on the back of my shirt!

(I am also fundraising for my flights, so any money that I raise over £2000 can be reimbursed by East African Playgrounds to me (upon request), up to the cost of my flight.)

Thanks for taking the time to visit my page. If you're unable to donate, a share can go a very long way!

Alice Alice Mosley