Helen Solange Rivera Gomez I signed up with East African playgrounds to provide children the chance to learn while they are playing, to live childhood!
Working alongside East African Playgrounds, we will build a safe, fun new playground, as well as helping restore another playground previously built by others EAP volunteers. In addition, we will be taking part in a Creative play Programme with the children, helping them to develop physical, cognitive and social skills.

East African playgrounds work all over Uganda building safe areas of fun, refugees camp included-where the most disadvantaged children can forget about negative feelings and experience fun. I believe they have the right to play, and to use their imagination to learn while they explore. The United Nations listed play as a human right for all children, showing how valuable play is during childhood.

The money goes directly to East African Playgrounds to help build more playgrounds, and it is not spent on us(volunteers).
Any donation will be greatly appreciated, even the smallest donation can make a huge difference!
Please share this page with friends/family, and let's raise as much as possible! Thank you!

Helen Rivera Helen Solange Rivera Gomez