Erika Da silva marques I came across the charity East African Playgrounds at a volunteer fair at my university and I was instantly attracted to their stand and when i was told what it was about i was completely sold on the idea of doing volunteer work with this charity. I applied straight away for the Ugandan volunteer project and i was lucky enough to be accepted to take part in the project to go to Uganda for four weeks to build a playground for children in June. I am very excited for the trip and I believe it will be an amazing summer where I learn things that I keep with me for the rest of my life. I look forward to not only building this playground but getting to see a new beautiful country, meeting the local community who are different from my community in London with different experiences and things to learn from and trying new things. All the money that i raise will go towards building the playground for children in a community in Uganda but the affects are much more, having a playground has shown increased concentration at school, higher attendance and a decrease in anti social behaviour. So even though a playground may not seem like much the affects can be really positive on children and their future. Erika Da silva marques