Chloe Jackson I've signed up with the charity 'East African Playgrounds' to raise money to build a playground for some of the worlds most disadvantaged children, whose lives could be greatly improved by something as simple as this. I believe every child should have the opportunity to build the social, physical, emotional and cognitive skills that come from heathy play, and build lasting childhood memories. It has been proven that outdoors play improves concentration at school, and general mental wellbeing. I would love if I can make a difference to just one child's life in the world, and I believe that raising money to take part in this trip will improve the quality of life for many Ugandan children. I will also have the opportunity to teach creative learning sessions for children, which will enable them to experience something outside their curriculum, that may develop their imagination and all important social skills. The charity has also so far trained 45 Ugandan staff, providing them with stable jobs. Chloe Jackson