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My name is Fayadh Haffejee and I will be volunteering with East African Playgrounds in Uganda over summer 2018! I believe that play is a crucial tool in the development of social, cognitive, physical and emotional skills and every child deserves the opportunity to explore these skills fully. Being a South African myself, I have witnessed the struggles of poverty in rural areas first hand. As a result of me having been granted this position of privilege, I would like to take this opportunity to give back to a community that is currently in a disadvantaged position and try to grant the children that live there the opportunity to enjoy their childhoods for as long as they last.

EAP has granted me this opportunity as their aim is to create opportunities for children to develop these skills via building playgrounds for the children to participate in educational play. I will be volunteering with EAP in Uganda next summer and have a target of £2500 to raise.
In order to raise this money I will be spending a week trekking through and canoeing across every terrain the world has to offer, from lakes to foothills to rain forests.
As an ethical trip, I will also be visiting and helping to conserve the last remaining Silverback Gorillas before moving on to turn an empty field into an exciting playground experience for a local Ugandan community. Working alongside a team of trained Ugandan builders and welders, we will be directly contributing towards the creative PLAY programme in order to enhance the children's development as well as providing a source of physical exercise.

As previously mentioned, my aim is to raise £2500 and in order for me to turn this dream into a reality, I need as much help as I get from all willing to help in any way. Any donation, no matter how small, will be greatly appreciated and welcomed in order to help me take part in the work undertaken by this fantastic charity.

Some examples of what donations can fund:

£10 builds a toy giraffe for the children of a community to play with
£15 - Builds a motorbike out of tyres for the playground enabling children to enact role-play sessions
£25 could provide a small herd of animals for the children to play on
£100 could fund a one month educational play programme

from the money raised:

£300 will go straight to the Ugandan Wildlife Authority
£600 covers the cost of the trip
£1,100 goes straight to East African Playgrounds so they can keep doing their amazing work.

I greatly appreciate your support in reading through this fantastic cause and hope that you can help spread the word by sharing my fundraising page with both your friends and family in order to improve the impact and audience reach for this project! Thank you very much for all of your help and I cannot wait to get started on this truly wonderful, once in a lifetime volunteering activity!

Fayadh Haffejee
Fayadh Haffejee