Ferduse Rahman Hello Everyone! In the summer of 2018, I have an amazing opportunity to volunteer in Uganda for 3 weeks! I have partnered with East African Playgrounds to help build a playground for a community school to allow children to have the opportunity to play and develop their inner imagination.

I will be trekking the beautiful country of Uganda and then heading to a local primary school to turn an empty field into a playground. This will be done by digging holes for the foundation followed by installing the equipment and making it all colourful! This playground will be a classroom in disguise, where children will continue to communicate, problem solve and have fun all at once!

A child playing allows them to gain self worth, as they utilise their abilities. A playground will allow the children to problem solve, develop emotionally, physically and mentally which is linked to intellectual development. This is a sustainable program which I am very excited to be part off!

Please help me reach my target of £2000 and make more than 1 child happy! Ferduse Rahman