evie barnes I've signed up to the Uganda Volunteer Project with the charity, East African Playgrounds. My aim is to raise £1000 to help bring the gift of play to the children of Uganda.

I will be going to Uganda to live and work within a local primary school to help build a playground.
Having a safe space for children to play is something that we in the UK are lucky enough to take for granted. Play is not only a fundamental part of learning but of childhood. Multiple long-term studies have shown how important play is for the development of children and their long-term outcomes, especially those living in poverty . Play has been shown to be beneficial for everything from social skills, cognitive abilities and problem solving, to fine motor skills, concentration, communication, imagination, and self-control. It’s been shown that adding play to a child’s life can lead to significantly raised IQs, greater achievement at school and even higher rates of employment and wages in adulthood.

But, in many communities across East Africa, children spend time out of school looking for work or helping with chores at home, rather than playing. Play is often viewed by adults as a waste of time, with little understanding of its importance for children. There are very few play facilities available for children, and those that do exist are often unsafe or poor quality.
My aim is to raise £1000 by the time I leave so all donations will be greatly appreciated!
A breakdown of where the costs go can be found at https://www.eastafricanplaygrounds.org/volunteer-project-details evie barnes