Emma Rowden I've signed up to take on the Gorilla Trek with the charity East African Playgrounds to raise £2,000 to give children their childhood through play. Play has an incredible benefit to a child's development as it builds physical, social, emotional and cognitive skills - whilst giving them the space in which to make sense of the world and exercise freedom of thought. I believe every child should have this opportunity and I want to help provide it. East African Playgrounds build playgrounds all over Uganda - including in refugee camps - helping to empower some of the world's most disadvantaged children.

Examples of what you can fund with a donation are...

£10 - builds a toy giraffe for the children to play with

£15 - builds a motorbike out of tires, allowing kids to engage their creativity in roleplay scenarios

£20 - funds safety equipment for a disadvantaged young adult, helping them to be safe as they start their meaningful employment with East African Playgrounds

£50 - builds a table with space for board games such as checkers or snakes and ladders

To raise this money, I will be spending three weeks in Uganda - taking on every kind of terrain the world can offer (mountains, lakes and jungles) before volunteering on a playground build myself. Every penny donated will go to a non-profit focussed on developing East Africa.

Of the £2,000 I raise, £300 will go to the Ugandan Wildlife Authority to help the conservation efforts of the gorillas I will be visiting. £600 will go on project costs of food, accommodation and travel, most of which goes to the non-profit trek company, the Home of Edirisa, who support the communities we will trek though. The remaining £1,100 will go direct to East African Playgrounds to fund their incredible work.

Please donate anything you can, and help give children their childhoods. Emma Rowden