Ellie Taylor Hi!

In the summer of 2018 I will be heading to Uganda in order to design and build a playground for some of the worlds most disadvantaged children. I will be spending five days trekking through rural East Africa, meeting various craftsmen on the way to our final location where the build will take place.

As children, we had the opportunity to play in a safe area with our friends, use our imagination and create memories that we will never forget. This trip aims to provide the children of Uganda with the same opportunities that we had, giving them a safe area to develop their physical, social and cognitive skills. These children lead very hard lives and we will hopefully be providing them with something they can enjoy and will change their lives for the better. More important than the skills they learn, however, is the opportunity that East African Playground gives these children to play and have fun as all children should.

As part of the trip we will be trekking through rural East Africa in order to visit various villages where we will meet craftsmen who have built up their own trades. Of the money raised a proportion will go to the non-profit organisation the Home of Edirisa, who support the communities we will trek through. We will then visit the conservation area home to the worlds last Silverback Gorillas and in doing so fund directly the amazing efforts being made by Ugandan Wildlife Authority to preserve and protect these magnificent creatures.

Please give anything you can!

Ellie x

Ellie Taylor