Ellen Monaghan In June 2018 I will be travelling to Uganda in order to take part in the FXU RAD Gorilla Trek! I'll be trekking to visit some of the last remaining wild silverback gorillas in their natural habitat and see the conservation work that is being carried out to protect them. A portion of the money I raise will be donated to the Ugandan Wildlife Authority to aid in the conservation of this endangered species.

I will also spend two weeks volunteering with East African Playgrounds to build a playground for the children of a Ugandan community. This will provide local children with the opportunity to develop their learning through play. Young people are at the heart of the work East African Playgrounds carries out- so far they have built over 100 playgrounds, 15 of which are located in refugee settlements. Here are some examples of how your donation could help to enhance these children's lives:

£25 could provide a small herd of toy animals for the children to play on

£100 could fund a one-month educational play programme

£250 could give the children the best climbing frame they (or you) have ever seen!

Please kindly share or make a donation to my page, to aid two brilliant causes and help me make this adventure a reality!

Ellen Monaghan