Eleanor Nicolaides I enjoyed being a part of Exeter's Raising and Giving team so much last year going on the Everest trek, I've decided to do it all over again, this time, fundraising for East African Playgrounds to go on the Gorilla trek! This year is more exciting- as Challenge Leader of the trek, my job is to help the whole team with their fundraising. You'll just have to put up with my Facebook updates a little longer!

We will trek through the Ugandan landscape, and then build a playground at a primary school. The money I raise will go to:

The Ugandan Wildlife Authority= a charity that works to conserve the country's beautiful national parks and protect the endangered silverback gorillas.

The Home of Edirisa= a social enterprise that works to improve the quality of life of local communities. For example, they made the lives of children who live near Lake Bunyoni safer by building a swimming pool and teaching them how to swim.

East African Playgrounds= a charity that has built over 100 playgrounds across East Africa. Mostly in schools, these playgrounds improve children's social, physical, and cognitive skills. Around 10% of the playgrounds the charity builds are in refugee camps, where some of the poorest, most vulnerable, and disadvantaged children live. The charity gives children the childhood that they lost in a crisis.

EAP also work with adults by employing former street children and training them in the technical aspects of the construction industry (such as welding). They give adults not only a job for the summer, but also the transferable skills needed to get a job or start a business in the future.

East African Playgrounds is a fantastic charity that I am really proud to be a part of. All donations are very much appreciated, no matter how small. Thank you everyone for your support (again!). Eleanor Nicolaides