Charles Smith This summer I am accompanying a team of volunteers from Cardiff University to Uganda, where we will spend four weeks building a bespoke playground for a school that did not have one previously. This is firstly because playgrounds have been shown to improve attainment at school, with the playground representing a new incentive to enroll and attend regularly. There is also much research to suggest that creative play and the social interactions that playgrounds cultivate are crucial for a child’s healthy development.

Please consider supporting me towards my fundraising target of £300, every penny of which goes towards the materials for the build as well as the work of the charity that I am representing, East African Playgrounds.

East African Playgrounds are an ethical charity whose work has already benefited thousands of children. The charity also train and employ members of the local population to complete the more advanced building work, as well as maintain the playgrounds year-round. I am thrilled that this means my contribution is having a beneficial impact for the economy of the area and for the prospects of many of its people. Besides, every child deserves the opportunity to play. Charles Smith