Kiera Morgan When I heard about this charity, I wanted to get involved as I know how much play can help a child's development and how important it can be from doing voluntary at a women's refuge. I wanted to be directly part of this and now I need the help to do so!

So here's a little more information about what the charity actually does and what I will be doing:
I will be travelling to Uganda on the 30th of August to trek around the local villages, and then we be getting up close and personal with some of the critically endangered Silver Back gorillas! This will help fund the conservation and so will go towards saving this species from dying out.
We will also be travelling to a local school where we will stay and eventually build a playground for the children. Building the playgrounds will also help Ugandan builders who have been trained and employed by the charity, who, for the most part, used to live on the street. This will be the most directly rewarding part of the trip for me as we get to see how positively it will affect the children.
This will be such an amazing experienced and I am so excited to get started.

The minimum aim for my fund-raising will be £3000. This pays for flights, to visit the conservation of the Silver Back gorilla and for materials for the playgrounds.

I realise that this is a large amount of money to achieve but every amount large or small really will go a long way!
Any donations will be greatly appreciated and thank you to all that donate, it will make a direct impact to people’s lives and I will have the privilege to see the massive impact your donations have on the children.
Thanks again for taking the time to read this (if you've managed to get this far :) ) and thank you for donating!! Kiera Morgan