Hayley Horsnell As well as being able to see some of the most magnificent creatures up close, we will also be able to help the more disadvantaged community of Uganda by building playgrounds for the children (and adults) to enjoy. I believe that as a young person play time is crucial in developing cognitive, creative and social skills which are all skills to help them become employed in the future. As well as helping the community I believe that being able to experience such a different culture will expand my knowledge in how the world works in different ways for different people, for example, meeting the community's herbal healer will be an experience of a life time to understand how these healing processes work. This experience is mainly for the community of Uganda so that we can do everything we can in improving their quality of life, but it is also for myself to open my eyes to the wider world and hopefully in the future have more opportunities for myself to help the less fortunate. So please sponsor me for this amazing experience to help this country to just have a little bit more fun in their lives. It does not matter how much you are willing to sponsor because every little helps. Thank you so much. Hayley Horsnell