Dong Yin The project is named East African Playground which aims for gifting the world's most disadvantaged children with an experiential, joyful and creative playground. In the coming summer, I will go to Uganda and help a local school build up a playground; Every child deserves a space to spend their worry-free period of life; it would be strongly encouraging for their social, cognitive and communicative developments. I wish to raise 2000£ (as the acquired total amount), in which 1100£ would be contributed directly to East Africa Playground organisation for their incredible work, 300£ would go to the Uganda wildlife Authority into their conservation effort for gorillas, and 600£ (which I would pay myself so your money completely doing efforts, however on this page I had to officially put the target at 2000) would be used on my travelling spend; front the backdrop of international charity, Please help me! : ) Dong Yin