connie preston I choose to fundraise for East Africa playgrounds because they provide the joy and happiness of play, that we may have taken for granted as kids but have been absent in the lives of these children. The children of Uganda have been told about the playgrounds month in advance and therefore spent them in anticipation for what's to come. The fact that I can play a part in bringing smiles to their faces makes me feel extremely happy and proud.

Study's have shown that play can help brain development in children mentally, physically and socially. Play is a classroom in disguise that has been accessible to us our whole lives, I hope to bring this to the children of Uganda.

A few of my days in Uganda will be spent hiking through forests, canoeing, meeting the last wild silverback gorillas and just enjoying my surroundings before helping build playground in a rural community.
Please help me by donating to my fundraising in raising £2200 that will go towards this project. Any sort of donation to this amazing charity will help improve the lives of these children.
connie preston