Chloe Sellers Hi! In June 2018 I am travelling to Uganda for three weeks; where I will be volunteering with the aim to develop, discover and explore the incredible country.

I shall be volunteering with the company East African Playgrounds (the leading global company in playground building) and this will be where all donations towards this trip go. Being a UK registered charity and international NGO, the charity focuses on building playgrounds for disadvantaged children; with the total number of playgrounds built to date being over 200!

Working alongside the companies UNICEF and Plan International, they also aid those in the local community; taking young adults off the street and fully training them, meaning they can safely weld and build these playgrounds while earning a living wage. Local investment is also helped, with only local materials and people used within the projects! With over 75% of the company's income being generated each year from student volunteers such as myself, it is essential that this good cause is kept above the ground with our help!

Whilst living and volunteering in a local Ugandan community, we will work towards building a sustainable and safe playground for local school children to enjoy. We will also be assisiting at the school with a creative play programme to hopefully inspire the children to learn, explore and develop.

Upon completing this project, we will travel across the country to help with the maintence of a previously built playground, meaning that it can be enjoyed for many more generations to come.

During this trip, we will also be provided with the opportunity to explore the natural beauty of the country through a unique five day Gorilla trek across the "adventure capital" of East Africa. Discovering the last remaining wild silverback gorillas, we will trek 25 miles to see and contribute to the conservation of this critically endangered species.

Experiencing another culture and country will be an amazing opportunity for me to develop personally on many levels, from being massively character building to simply improving my fitness; all of which will be done while I simultaneously will be able to fulfil a life ambition to travel and see the world!

Over the upcoming months, I will be arranging and participating in a number of fundraising activities in a hope to reach my target! So far these are confirmed to be:
► Running Plymouth half marathon on May 20th
► A 24 hour bike ride taking place in the RLB building on Plymouth Uni Campus (date TBC)
► Numerous bucket collections around the country
► Bag packing and Krispy Kreme sales!
► Other events are also currently in the works of being organised and details will follow!

Thank you for your time and support! Chloe Sellers